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Todya is my last day here, but I am not sad. All the time I already knew that 28 december will go back to my home. So now I just want enjoy my last day here and keep in my memory all these unforgetable moments that I lived here.

I have learnt with the differences of nations, faith, values, languages

I have learnt here how important is be simple…sometimes I am surprise how different people that have never seen each other before are so kindness and gratuitous…

I am completely surprise with the capacity of the people to be so pure and avaiable…

I have learnt how to apreciate the nature…

How to take pictures by myself…rsrsrs

How to see…

And enjoy each minute here…my last minutes…so bye!!

See you…


Feliz Navidad

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Hi guys…

Happy Christmas  to everybody!!

I would like to show you how was my Christmas Eve…I stayed here at the school and here had a big party, but I did not want take a part because I cant not eat the food from here…so spyce and not so good like brasilian food!!

After my christmas meal I went at the school’s garden…

Everybody was really beautiful, the decoration and the christmas spirit was in the air…

Severine, she gave to Min and Me a little gift…she has a big heart!!!

And after the dinner we went to the Church…a wonderful experience!

The Lord’s Prayer
“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. thy kingdom come. thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.”

I have descovered that the faith have no limits or languages…

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Cape Point…Cape of Good Hope!


Hello my vriends!

We rent a car and went to Cape Point, It is a place around 45 minutes far from the my school.  In the way we can see a lot of beutiful and amazing  places, one of the most rememorable is the Pinguin’s Beach

Sooo Cuteee!! But the odor…tsc, tsc, was not so good!

Moving on, after we arrived at Cape Point

The view there is amazing, we have to walk 15 minutes to come till the headlight…

During the way up, some picturesss…

One more:

Look how is the way up

And the view:


One more…

So carry on…after Cape Point we went at The Cape of Good Hope…

Look there…the end of the world….

And I no topo da ponta…

This was my last trip here…Now just waiting for Christimas Evening…


Amigos do mundo….

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Hello my vriends!!

Today I decided introduce your some people from here that now are my friends and I really would like to keep in touch forever with them…

Severin:  she is from Switzerland, she is 20 years oldd and she is my roomate. The first time that I saw her she was slepping when I came here and when she woke up she gave me water!!! Thank you Sev, you always save me!!

The second one is MIN!!!

Min is 21 years old (like me), she is a student and she is very kind!! She teach me everyday how important is to say how specials the people are for us!!! Min my friend and old sister forever!!!

The brazilian and south coreans guys…We always cook and drink together !!!

Toriel!!! Great company, he helps me when I really need!!!

And about Ju ?? She did not  leave me, great friend!  I love her whistle!!

 And the europeans guys, Geanlucca, Peter, Martin, Jessica, Annyana, Carla, Maria, Carin…

Peter is really funny, Song and I always have a lot of fun with him!

And ah Louca da Naty:

Talking about Naty, look that couple…

And amazing people, Gabriel, Ju (again), Karine (French part of Swirtzeland) and Silvia (Italian). 

In conclusion…the most beautiful women in Cape Town…. THE ROOMATES!

Table Mountain


So, going on in my adventures today I am showing you my walk to the famous Table Mountain…

 Olha que gracinha pequenininha!!

After Lion’s Head I was ready for everything…nothing could scare me more!! We, Verena (Germany), Geanlucca (Italy), Jessica (French part of Switzerland), Peter and Martin (Germany part of Switzerland), Toriel and I (Brazil) went there and, obviously we chose the esyer way…and every signal that had passed was write only two hours…

But we went up there!!

I love this picture!!!


See you…

P.s.: Beth, Junior happy birthday!

Tamiroca congratulations for your graduation!!

Deisudinha…I miss you!!   

Ben and Luiza, wait for meee!!!

See you my vriends!!!

Lion’s Head


Na foto um lugar chamado Lion’s Head. Estive por lá só para ver como era a vista, o pôr do sol, a paisagem essas coisas que turista gosta de fazer, mas  o que vcs não sabem é como eu fui. Acreditem amigos depois de 2 hora e 30 minutos de uma subida cansativa cheguei ao topo! E eu para uma iniciante em hike and climb, segundo meus amigos suíços, alemães e italianos eu me sai muito bem!!

Vriends foi incrível, nunca imaginei que escalar uma montanha, segurar nas rochas e  não olhar muito para baixo fosse tão bom! Óbvio que se eu tivesse visto o que me esperava não tinha ido de jeito nenhum…

No início como podem ver na primeira foto era uma caminhadinha cansativa pela terra…sem muito esforço só subir…na segundo foto com short rosa sou eu, achando que eu o caminho seria daquele jeitinho até o fim…tsc, tsc!!

Meu primeiro ataque de pânico interno (óbvio que não dei chilique na frente dos outros, tava me borrando de medo, mas aqueles europeus todos me olhando eu não ia fazer nada né?!)  Só sorri amareladamente e comecei a subir, com toda a naturalidade que uma perna trêmula pode ter!!!

Olha eu ali…esperando a minha vez:

Mal sabia eu que esse era só início…

Nem adiata falar para não olhar para baixo, esse era o menor dos medos…

De verdade cada passo que eu dava eu achava que era ali o meu fim!! Rsrsrrs…me dei conta do meu despreparo físico, da minha fragilidade, de como eu não sou nada…sério cheguei no fundo do poço e cheguei ofegante!!rsrsrrs…

Mas ai…na sua insignificância vc chega no topo!!!! Ahhh o topo!! O topo, meu Deus que topo!!!Que maravilha é a vista lá de cima… ficamos lá até o pôr do sol…não podíamos demorar pq se escurecesse era morte na certa na volta!!

Mesmo assim voltamos no escuro, mas a parte mais perigosa que passamos ainda contávamos com a luz do finalzinho de tarde ,depois só lanterna…detalhe uma lanterna para 12 pessoas!!!

Gianlucca (Itália), Jessica (parte francesa da Suíça), Martin (parte alemã da Suíça), Peter (parte alemã tbm), Annjana, Verena, Maria, (Alemãs), Eu, Natalia, Toriel, Victor (Brasil) e Jim (Coréia do Sul)… 

Foi amazing, nao tenho como descrever…olha isso:

E essa aqui então:


 Eu ando pelo mundo prestando atenção em cores que eu não sei o nome…

See you guys… 

p.s.: Ehh Mocoronga (Tamiroca, mas ela tbm atende por Tamiris) sua formatura tá chegando, hein?!



My vriends!!!

Sorry for my abscense, but I am very busy here!

Is amazing to descover everyday new things fot to do here and new places to visit!! But, first, today is my brother’s and my grandfather’s birthday, so VITOR and SEU SARAPA HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!!

Well, returning to the subjet: THE AQUARIUM!!!

People, I went to the aquarium at the Waterfront (Mall) look:





Do you know who I remember there???

A small tribute to the Balserofics…

Love you guys!

I am not able to describe in words how amazing there was…God is perfect!








I can just show you my pictures,








Another one








See you my vriends!

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